Learning process

We are learning experts. We can create tailor-made training paths, with specific methods and processes to make your people learn the skills and target behaviours you want to intervene on.

Every competence can be achieved with the right process.

Why the learning process?

Today, ‘information’ can be found everywhere.

What makes the difference between getting a competence and not getting it is the PROCESS you use to learn it.

To achieve a perfect Learning Process, at NT Group, a whole team of experts in learning psychology makes sure to:
Create an engaging and COMPLETE Learning Jouney. From the first email invitation to the course to the eventual creation of a learning community, passing through training stimuli, physical or virtual gamified classrooms, video summaries, follow-up role-plays and so on…
To respect all the most important (scientifically proven) adult learning theories IN EVERY STAGE OF THE LEARNING JOURNEY.
On these points we have created our “NT Learning Model” so that we can ensure the effectiveness of each Learning Process.

I vantaggi del approccio NT Group sul Learning Process:

  • TRUE LEARNING: based on the science of training;
  • HIGH ROI: thanks to the focus on clear behavioural change objectives;
  • EXTREME PERSONALISATION: thanks to our rapid content production processes;
  • HIGH ENGAGEMENT: thanks to meticulous Journey preparation;
  • HIGH LIKING: thanks to gamification and a focus on the learner experience.

Our experience

For more than 20 years we have been dedicated to getting REAL results.
To do this, we have created customised and tailor-made learning paths for clients of all sizes, in all sectors, in all countries.
Every day, our team of experts research, find and test different solutions to make our learning paths more effective and enjoyable for those who use them.
Every project, with every customer, is a source of learning for us for subsequent projects.

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Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be enough for tomorrow."

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