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With 22 years of experience we have become experts in the HR Transformation process.

such as in training. We are convinced that the LEARNING PROCESS has surpassed the concept of TRAINING.

We use innovative and mixed learning methods.

We are always ready to accompany the client in the process of Reskilling, Upskilling and Digital HR Transformation.

Our Mission & Vision


People engaged towards and through results.



We partner with our clients to improve skills, tools and process;

for an innovative and effective HR lifecycle.



What we can help you with

Creating an effective Digital On-Boarding Journey has become necessary today and brings countless benefits.

Show you’re up to date, create an experience that is enjoyable, innovative and digital.
It will immediately increase your company’s employer branding and improve talent acquisition.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be seen as caring about people, you will reduce employee turnover and increase employee well-being. We have already helped dozens of companies in this process.

“There is no second chance to make a good first impression” Oscar Wilde”

We are learning experts.

We are able to create tailor-made training paths, with specific methods and processes to make your people learn the skills and target behaviours you want to intervene on.

Every competence can be achieved with the right process.

We have 20 years of experience in People Management.

In recent years we have supported several of our clients in the Digital Transition of People Management.

With the help of compelling Learning Journeys and Gamification, we help Middle and Top Managers to improve their HR Management.

In the era of Big Data, every company must have data about its talents and employees.

With the help of online assessment, psychometric games and adaptive tests using Artificial Intelligence, we are able to support our clients in the collection and use of important HR data.

We have helped many of our clients to redesign their in-house selection and talent assessment processes.

Our experience in the retail world leads us to create specific assessment and growth paths for the retail world.

Innovative and gamified training paths for both Store Managers and Store Assistants.

Why choose us?

We briefly explain who we are, where we come from and above all where we are going.


We were born as Network Training and have evolved as NT Group while retaining all our principles and our 22 years of direct experience in the field...


We use innovative methods and engage in constant research to remain innovative...

Focus on learning

We love to tailor each specific point to the needs of each client and we focus on the learning process...

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