Retail training

Our experience in the retail world leads us to create specific assessment and growth paths for the retail world.
Innovative and gamified training paths for both
Store Managers and Store Assistants.
Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be seen as caring about people, you will be able to reduce employee turnover and increase their well-being.
We have already helped dozens of companies in this process.

How the retail world is evolving

In an increasingly VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity & Ambiguity) market, which is constantly changing and evolving, it is essential that the retail network develops and trains sales skills.

The world of sales is stimulating, there are many opportunities but also many salespeople
vendors….whom, in order to be competitive, more and more skills, relational abilities and knowledge of new tools are required. 

What does a retail salesperson need to be an expert in:

  • Skills: needs to acquire competencies, techniques and sales tools that which are continuously updated;
  • Relationship: customer relationship management becomes essential (in-person and remote);
  • Needs: be able to bring out real customer needs;
  • Customization: know how to customize the selling style and method.

Our experience

For retail chains, we have created several tailor-made courses with gamification.

We start from the assumption that selling is a complex ‘game’, we analyse all the variables involved in this process and train salespeople to become experts in managing complexity, from the first contact with the customer to closing the sale, followed by the up-selling, cross-selling and re-selling phases.

In each of these phases there are ad hoc strategies that can be put into practice in order to achieve the fundamental objectives: to sell, to satisfy the customer, involving all the significant figures in Retail, from Store Managers to Sales Assistants.

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"Nothing kills a sale faster than a lack of enthusiasm" Brian Tracy

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