HR Intelligence

In the era of Big Data, every company needs to have data about its talents and employees.
With the help of online assessments, psychometric games and adaptive tests using Artificial Intelligence, we are able to support our clients in the collection and use of important HR data.
We have helped many of our clients redesign their in-house selection and talent assessment processes.

What is HR Intelligence

In the age of Big Data, every company needs to have data about its talent Effective HR are essential to the success of organisations.

Working with the right people who fit into the organisation, who engage and develop constantly is the key to organisational success. We examine, measure, recommend and help you optimise these processes through the use of HR Intelligence.
Online testing is a web-based solution that has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its many advantages. Through our solution, we help companies to improve their decision-making processes easily, quickly and with a wow candidate experience. 

Using web-based solutions for HR Intelligence brings countless advantages in the HR processes of Selection, Talent Assessment and Talent Development.

Our advantages:


  • Adaptive Testing and Gaming: 3 times faster with high accuracy of results using artificial intelligence;
  • Validity and Reliability: Based on valid theories and models. Research and development to ensure high reliability of results;
  • Fast experience: Fast, fun and enjoyable e-assessment experience;
  • Best employer branding: Digital, smart and immersive processes to contribute to an innovative company image;
  • Quality & Security: ISO 9001 and 27001 certified and full GDPR compliance.

Our experience

For years we have been helping our clients to identify the best tests and games to select, train and develop their people. Our experience allows us to offer a 360° consultancy on:

  1. Screening and Assessment;
  2. Talent Development;
  3. Training.

We support our clients in choosing the best procedures and processes for an optimal candidate experience. Our solution, for example, was chosen to support Poste Italiane’s digital recruitment process, proving to be an excellent support in the transition to HR Intelligence.”

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